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Visiting Artist Michelle Segre – FINE ARTS WORK CENTER in Provincetown
Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

Visiting Artist Michelle Segre

Friday, March 11, 2022
7 PM

Join us for an artist talk with visiting artist Michelle Segre. 

In her sculptures composed of plaster, wire, mesh, found detritus, and various organic matter, Michelle Segre develops a heterogeneous vision, informed as much by mega-ancient Neolithic idols as by Joan Miró and science fiction. The effect is fantastical and bizarre, an invitation to negotiate an alternate reality and a sculptural set of unknowns. The craft-work motifs rendered in vibrant colors of yarn (blackberry purple, candy apple red, mustard yellow), shards of reflective materials, and a web of suggestive and enigmatic objects evoke detailed cellular patterns and astral visions. Segre’s work hovers at an edge where everything remains fragmentary and incomplete, on the brink of coming apart, refusing to fulfill expectations in any predictable way. The process is improvisational and fluid, resulting in pieces that are both playfully casual and intense.