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The Art of Getting It Wrong – LIVE – FINE ARTS WORK CENTER in Provincetown
Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

24PearlStreet Workshops

Brendan Constantine The Art of Getting It Wrong – LIVE Poetry August 15 to August 19, 2022 Tuition: $575.00 Class Size: 2 Session: summer Level: virtual LIVE 1 week workshop

LIVE via ZOOM: 3pm-5pm EST.

Blinded by the blank page? Poet Brendan Constantine presents a special week-long edition of his generative workshop “The Art of Getting It Wrong.” Participants will liberate their strongest poetry by embracing its most common obstacles, including their own perceived limitations. In addition to creating new poems, students will discuss the problems of saying the “unsayable.” And, they’ll  explore how writer’s block is seldom a shortage of magic—that it is, in fact, a surplus of judgement.


Brendan Constantine is the author of four books of poetry, including the celebrated Letters to Guns (2009 Red Hen). His most recent collections are Dementia, My Darling (2016 Red Hen) and Bouncy Bounce (2018 Blue Horse). His work has been widely translated and anthologized, appearing in Poetry, The Nation, Best American Poetry, Poem-A-Day, and numerous other journals. A popular performer, Brendan has presented his work to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe, also appearing on NPR's All Things Considered, TED-ED, numerous podcasts, and YouTube. Brendan currently teaches at the Windward School in West Los Angeles, and, since 2017, has been developing poetry workshops for people with aphasia and traumatic brain Injuries.