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Eileen Myles THE FUTURE: A POETRY WORKSHOP IN 2021 – LIVE Poetry July 12 to July 16, 2021 Tuition: $550 Class Size: 12 Session: summer Level: 1 week asynchronous workshop

I’ve always liked poetry workshops. You meet a weird and interesting new group of people, you’ll write a poem you never imagined and you are turned on to work by poets you’ve never read before. I feel certain that will happen in July of 2021. At the moment I still don’t know where we are politically in America yet poetry is one of the abiding actions I feel constitute freedom of speech and the open and free sharing of ideas. I want us all to write poems that embrace landscape, zoomscape, politics, transness and queerness and all forms of sexuality, the right to dance and stay still. The right to speak and remain silent. Pets have a place in poetry. We will let our animals speak through us and the night sky is full of messages and we will speak them in our work. Language is change so come ready. Get a new notebook, a new pen, love your computer, and we will begin. I’m interested in drawing too as part of the process. Maybe we’ll also listen to a little bit of music.

LIVE TIME: 12pm-2pm EST.


Eileen Myles (they/them) came to New York from Boston in 1974 to be a poet. Their books include For Now (an essay/talk about writing), I Must Be Living Twice/new and selected poems, and Chelsea Girls. They showed their photographs in 2019 at Bridget Donahue, NYC. Myles has received a Guggenheim Fellowship and an award from the American Academy of Arts & Letters. They live in New York and Marfa, TX.